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Welcome to MJS Safeguarding

Welcome to the new website and the first blog post from MJS Safeguarding: the first of many! This website has been superbly created by Bee More Design and I have to say a massive thank you to Nikki and Kate who I think have done an amazing job. Thank you!

It is hoped over the next few months that this blog will provide anyone with ideas, inspiration and tips to navigate the ever complex world of safeguarding.

It is never easy to work in this area and it is often beset with challenges, so hopefully I can help to support you in the incredible job that all of you are doing. I hope that the information that I convey to you through this will assist you in your work and wherever I hear some useful tip or hint I will endeavour to pass it on.

Not only will this blog be intended to update your knowledge, but I also want to try and inspire and uplift you in what can be a seemingly thankless task.

​My experience working with safeguarding professionals is that they rarely recognise or celebrate all the great work that they do so I hope that this blog will continuously remind you that what you do is making a difference to children’s lives.

Whenever I talk to staff whether they are DSLs, DDSLs, Pastoral Leads or Senior Leaders I am in awe of the amazing job they do.

I am aiming that this website, blog and any support that I can provide will help you continue to do that incredible job.

​I really hope that MJS Safeguarding can help you and look forward to working with as many of you as possible.

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