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KCSIE 2023

The new version in preparation for September has been published today, so on the face of it there is very little that has changed, pretty much the same number of pages as last year and the table of substantive changes has a limited number of significant changes. I would however, take caution on thinking that this is all you need to focus on.

Over the last few years the substantive changes are listed but there are often subtle changes that actually need to be addressed with staff. Over the next few days I will highlight some of the key changes that may or may not be listed in Annex F. I will try to give some insight into what DSLs need to be aware of, what staff should be aware of and what governors and trustees should be aware of.

The first thing to note is that Annex A still remains, this is the abridged version of Part 1 which is for staff who do not work directly with children:

"It can be provided (instead of Part one) to those staff who do not directly work with children, if the governing body or proprietor think it will provide a better basis for those staff to promote the welfare of and safeguard children."

Whilst I do see the rationale for this I strongly suggest that all staff working in schools should read Part 1 even if the staff member doesn't work directly with a child. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility so its better that everyone who comes into contact with a child should have the same information. It is down to each school to decide what to do for the best but good practice would be to ensure all staff have received and read Part 1.

More to come as I work through the new version, and remember this does not come into force until September 1st


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